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March 26, 2010

Joe Andrews on TWS’ Footy Tape Fridays

Via Transworld Skate:

“This week check out Joe Andrews. Joe’s a transplant out of Ohio living in Seattle, Washington, and he’s Josh Anderson approved!”

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty siked to see an Ohio skater as the first post in the thread on the main page. Congratulations Joe!

Dead Beat Throwaway
End of 09 Montage

November 28, 2009

Local News

From 1031Skates:
“It looks as though Vin Diesel rides one of our DRI decks. Who would have thought.Photo curtesy of Todd Schwartz @ GardenSK8 in Pine Brook , NJ”Now I need to see a video of Vin Diesel doing an ollie.

Click more for more news.

July 25, 2009

1031 Demo Update & Local News

As promised here is an update with some video footage that 1031 found and posted up.
Keep reading for a link to the article in Thrasher and for more news and upcoming events click more to continue reading.

July 23, 2009

eS Game of Skate at Stomping Grounds in Austintown,OH

eS Tour Van

eS Tour Van

Today was the day eS came through on their game of skate tour to Austintown. I’ve got plenty of photos and video to sort through and a good amount to write about.
Also, Mike Nypaver (if you’re checking the site) send me an email at ohioskateuniv@gmail.com so I can get your email and we can keep in contact.
I’ll have my post up most likely tomorrow morning so make sure you check back to see photos from the day and a video of the final.
Check both transworld and the es game of skate site linked above for their footage of the event and make sure to come back and check out the footage here tomorrow.


July 19, 2009

Maloof Money Cup on TV today

The Dew tour dropped Cleveland as a stop this year but the Alli people added the Maloof Money Cup as a tour of its own.
The Maloof Money Cup was last weekend but it is scheduled to air on TV today on NBC sports from 2-3pm.

This is the same contest I talked to Rob Dyrdek’s dad about. Also, keep in mind that it has a $100,000 pay out. If you don’t already know who won I won’t spoil it for you.
click more for a video of highlights and check out the coverage on TV today.


July 6, 2009

Torey Pudwill v. Jimmy Carlin / Stefan Janoski v. Peter Ramondetta

Torey Pudwill and Jimmy Carlin Pre-Game Interview

Click the link below to see both matches and more


June 26, 2009

Battle at The Berrics 2 Predictions

BATB2 Bracket

BATB2 Bracket

I’m going to explain my picks for the battle at the berrics for each game of skate.


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