Ohio Skate University

March 25, 2013

2012 Park Throwaway Footage

Filmed & Edited by: Andrew Koszkalda
Featuring: Trevor Zehnder, Dustin Patterson, Jake Zehnder, Dakota Luzader, Mike Wagner, Andrew Koszkalda & Mike Thomsen.

Marks at Wadsworth

September 16, 2012

JTG Throwaway #4

The 50-50 on a bar to nose manny all the way off the curb was pretty proper.

JTG Throwaway #3
Ben Liberatore & Friends @ Skate Naked & Delaware

March 4, 2010

Jake Benz and Mike Hellmann Throwaway

Throwaway footage from the upcoming Demented Skateshop video.

Mike Hellmann
Jordan Wolfe/Jake Benz/Brady Jenkins

February 5, 2010

Dead Beat Throwaway

In Order Of Appearance:
Dalton Ironwing, Terry Shebestak, Eric Viccarone, Mikey Harkolovich, Joe Kassi, Kyle McCarty, Adam Aziz, Joe Andrews, Marc Scott, Nathan Malinsky, Doug Nehrenz, Derek Ironwing, Johnny Grogan, Cyril Jackson, Brandon Houlehan, Christopher Finley, Chad Butler, Dustin Sterling, Michael Pitroski.

End of 09 Montage
Eric Viccarone

December 24, 2009

Last of the Season Throwaway

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How often do you see a 360 flip at a protest?

Last of the Season, Outdoor that is…

September 15, 2009

Akron Throwaway

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