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September 20, 2010

The Delaware Crew Hits Skate Naked Indoor Skatepark

Gatorade Free Flow @ The Flow [VIDEO]
Skate Naked Montage 2
Dylan Stover
Dylan Stover Flow for Keystone Skateboards
Austin Clemons
Ladies’ Weekend: GRO Welcomes Gracie Bails To The Team
Gracie Bails 9 Year Old Skater
JPskate and Boardshop A-Team
Gracie Bails 9 Year Old Skater
Jackson Patton 7 Year Old Skater

March 30, 2010

Resident Skateboards Welcome Dan Charlton

Also rides for Embassy Boardshop which is home to the Lazy Sunday/Polished Terdz boys. Natnaile Mamo, who has also been featured in the video series, got put on the Resident team as well and we should be seeing a welcome video for him shortly.

January 24, 2010

Evolution Skateshop Team @ Clay’s Park

For more info on Evolution Skateshop from Kent click here.

For info about Clay’s Park in North Lawrence click here.

January 23, 2010

Mike Hellmann

Rides for Demented Skateshop in Hamilton, OH.

November 28, 2009

Local News

From 1031Skates:
“It looks as though Vin Diesel rides one of our DRI decks. Who would have thought.Photo curtesy of Todd Schwartz @ GardenSK8 in Pine Brook , NJ”Now I need to see a video of Vin Diesel doing an ollie.

Click more for more news.

July 23, 2009

eS Game of Skate Austintown,OH and Mike Nypaver Sighting

eS internship winner Patrick Binkley filling out the brackets

eS internship winner Patrick Binkley filling out the brackets

            July 22nd2009 eS footwear came to Austintown/Youngstown, OH on their national leg of the eS Game of Skate tour. The eS Game of Skate was originally created in 2003 and has since expanded. This is the fourth year in a row that the tour has had an official event in Ohio. The years and places are as follows:

2006-Cleveland, OH/Westside Skate Shop.
2007-Kettering, OH/DC Skate Plaza.
2008-Austintown,OH/Stomping Grounds Skate Park.
2009-Austintown,OH/Stomping Grounds Skate Park

            A game of S.K.A.T.E. is similar to the game of H.O.R.S.E. in basketball, someone makes a shot(or trick), the other person has to do it and if they miss, they get a letter. For those of you already familiar with the game here are some rules that may differ from your own or are contrary to your belief:

No landing tricks one-footed or cross-legged(the guy in charge said it just looks bad).
A trick must be popped(which means no sliding your big spins and no pivots on the cabs).
A shifty is an ollie, doing a shifty with a flip gets you nowhere, your opponent only has to do what you did minus the shifty.
Lastly, in contradiction to the berrics, you do not get two tries on the last letter.
This last rule is most likely the reason why the matches went so quickly.

That is the background information, now to the day…

June 23, 2009

Alumni Visit: 1031 at Ohio Surf And Skate on Go Skateboarding Day

Columbus native Chad Knight beside Greg Harbour and team owner and Cleveland native Kristian Svitak

Columbus native Chad Knight beside Greg Harbour and team owner and Cleveland native Kristian Svitak


June 21st, I continued my travels by going to Willoughby, OH to Ohio Surf and Skate (a skate shop) for a 1031 demo. Ohio Surf and Skate had ramps set up in the parking lot for the occasion. 1031 is a skateboard company that was created by a Cleveland native by the name of Kristian Svitak. He has been a professional skateboarder for around 10 years, I believe, and tours yearly with his company. This specific summer tour is to celebrate team member Ben Raybourn becoming pro for 1031. Ben Raybourn won the bowl contest in the 2007 Texas Skate Jam and is definitely someone to look out for on the come up.


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