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January 25, 2010

Music Monday: Wake Up Fool – Chip tha Ripper

“Midwest n***as the coldest/ Cleveland n***as gettin bread, they say we the brokest/ Look at your hood, it’s just some Ford Focuses/ Come to my hood, you might spot a Lotus, shit” – Chip Tha Ripper

This video is promoting this, a mixtape from Cleveland rapper Chip tha Ripper. The mixtape is called The Cleveland Show.
Chip has been featured on songs by Hi-Tek (Producer from Cincinnati) and KiD CuDi (rapper from Cleveland). On the mixtape Chip shouts out CuDi a number of times for having Chip on his debut album Man on the Moon: The End of Day. The mixtape also has references to skateboarding, mostly about DC.

“Bitch I don’t even leave home, the DC be showin’ up right to my door”Chip Tha RipperThe thing you will pick up while listening to Chip is his flow. The mixtape is full of songs with different vibes and tempos but it all plays through like one long song and just has a relaxing feel to it. Chip tha Ripper has story-teller qualities and creative song concepts that draw you in (“Wake Up Fool” would be a good example). One thing you will hear him say in a couple songs is that he has been “slept on”, meaning that he isn’t as big in hip-hop as he should be, and knowing of Chip tha Ripper for a handful of years, I can agree with that.
I’ll let you guys listen now and form your own thoughts on Chip.

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