Ohio Skate University

March 6, 2010

Blueprint Signing @ Old Skool Skateshop

Marty Murawski, Fred Gall(Habitat) and Paul Shier

This event literally brought in a crowd of all ages. Adults, teens, and even a toddler. It was pretty low key and the guys hung around afterwards killing time until the party at Kickstand(stay tuned for photos) by eating KFC and small talk and stories from the team. Paul told us about how he was driving through LA the other day and he looked over at a bus stop and saw an old man dressed in all black with the top half of a mannequin on his lap dressed in black with a black wig and the two (man and mannequin) were carrying out a conversation.

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August 1, 2009


King of the Road starts today. Click here for Evolution Skate Shop (the people holding the event). The flyer and forms you need are there if you can still sign up.

News: I haven’t been able to find any video or photos from yesterday’s demo/footwear exhibit in Cincinnati so if any of you visiting the site went there feel free to leave a comment letting me know if you took any or know where any videos or photos may be so I can post them up for everyone else.

July 26, 2009

More News



Alien Workshop is putting on a tour sprinkled with demos and signings, a bit disappointing that there are no stops in Ohio but if you get a chance, go out and support them. Who knows, they may add stops as time goes on.

Evolution Skate Shop is hosting KOTR 09 and it starts August first. For more information click more.

June 23, 2009

Alumni Visit: 1031 at Ohio Surf And Skate on Go Skateboarding Day

Columbus native Chad Knight beside Greg Harbour and team owner and Cleveland native Kristian Svitak

Columbus native Chad Knight beside Greg Harbour and team owner and Cleveland native Kristian Svitak


June 21st, I continued my travels by going to Willoughby, OH to Ohio Surf and Skate (a skate shop) for a 1031 demo. Ohio Surf and Skate had ramps set up in the parking lot for the occasion. 1031 is a skateboard company that was created by a Cleveland native by the name of Kristian Svitak. He has been a professional skateboarder for around 10 years, I believe, and tours yearly with his company. This specific summer tour is to celebrate team member Ben Raybourn becoming pro for 1031. Ben Raybourn won the bowl contest in the 2007 Texas Skate Jam and is definitely someone to look out for on the come up.


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