Ohio Skate University

September 15, 2012

The James Kelch “Good Times” Capsule & ESPN Interview

Once again, the good people over at Real Skateboards have hooked the big homie Kelch up with his own guest board and shirt. Seeing as Kelch holds the Nati down, it’s only right that I show some support. Hit the jump for the capsule’s commercial, “Mean Ol’ Dirty Kelch“.


November 23, 2009

Finals: Chris Cole v. Paul Rodriguez

For more Battle At The Berrics 2
Click Here.

October 2, 2009

Sin Sea Presents: Mike Deye Guest Artist/Skater

Shows a bunch of skating and graphics. You should enjoy this one.
Last graphic shown will be on sale soon..

From Sin Sea:

“Mike Deye has done grahpics for Real, Habitat, Instrument, Effort, Anonymous Skateshop, Thrasher, and others… Its an Honor to have him do a Guest Design For Sin Sea, We treat our guests like family so we gave him a video part”

Check out the Sin Sea site if you’re interested.

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