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April 14, 2012

Trademark Aaron – I Know (Official Video)

Single off of Trademark’s album “Prelude to Greatness”.
You can download the album for free from TrademarkAaron.com.


December 17, 2010

Swah The Braveheart – “Number 4 (Dynamite Remix)” [VIDEO]

Swah The Braveheart just released this yesterday on his new website which you can check out right here.

Download Song Here – http://usershare.net/8hpiheczcq1k

December 10, 2010

Chip Tha Ripper – “Ain’t No Love Here” [VIDEO]

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October 18, 2010

Music Monday: Louie P. Newton

Fellow Goodie Bag blogger Juan Neal put me onto one of his artists he is managing by the name of Louie P. Newton. Louie is based out of Detroit, Michigan and writes and produces all of his own music. His upcoming mixtape is called “Here For A Reason” and the two singles are “David Ruffin” and “The Bottom” which are available to download below as well as another track by the title of “Not Practiced”. You can follow him on twitter @LouiePNewton.

May 10, 2010

Music Monday: Trademark Aaron

Trademark Aaron is based out of Kentucky but is currently on a Cincinnati-based label by the name of Fresh Records. Last month, they dropped Trademark Aaron’s latest project called “Make Room”. 

Click more for an artist bio and a download link for “Make Room”.

February 15, 2010

Music Monday: Ray Cash

Bumpin’ My Music ft. Scarface

Certified ft. Curren$y

From Wikipedia:

” Ray Cash grew up in eastern Cleveland. While a high schooler, he performed freestyle raps with his friends providing beats by banging on lunchroom tables. After he saw a Jay-Z in concert during the Hard Knock Life tour, he decided to become a professional. As Ray Cash, Cheeks released singles “Sex Appeal (Pimp in My Rhyme)” and “Smokin’ and Leanin'” in 2005; those songs were played on local radio. Cash released Cash on Delivery under Sony Urban Music/Columbia on June 27, 2006. This album reached #41 on the Billboard 200. ”

Music Monday: Kid Cudi
Chip Tha Ripper & Swah @ Kent State 2/6/2010
Music Monday: Nick Hack – “Untitled”
Music Monday: Wake Up Fool – Chip tha Ripper

January 29, 2010


Fellow blogger Chris “Legend” just put up an interview with me about the site. Go to his blog and check it out and support him and his blog. I have linked to him before, he runs a hip-hop blog and it’s sick. Enough talking, go check out the interview.

Click here.

January 25, 2010

Music Monday: Wake Up Fool – Chip tha Ripper

“Midwest n***as the coldest/ Cleveland n***as gettin bread, they say we the brokest/ Look at your hood, it’s just some Ford Focuses/ Come to my hood, you might spot a Lotus, shit” – Chip Tha Ripper

This video is promoting this, a mixtape from Cleveland rapper Chip tha Ripper. The mixtape is called The Cleveland Show.
Chip has been featured on songs by Hi-Tek (Producer from Cincinnati) and KiD CuDi (rapper from Cleveland). On the mixtape Chip shouts out CuDi a number of times for having Chip on his debut album Man on the Moon: The End of Day. The mixtape also has references to skateboarding, mostly about DC.

“Bitch I don’t even leave home, the DC be showin’ up right to my door”Chip Tha RipperThe thing you will pick up while listening to Chip is his flow. The mixtape is full of songs with different vibes and tempos but it all plays through like one long song and just has a relaxing feel to it. Chip tha Ripper has story-teller qualities and creative song concepts that draw you in (“Wake Up Fool” would be a good example). One thing you will hear him say in a couple songs is that he has been “slept on”, meaning that he isn’t as big in hip-hop as he should be, and knowing of Chip tha Ripper for a handful of years, I can agree with that.
I’ll let you guys listen now and form your own thoughts on Chip.

For more Hip-Hop news and music check out my man Chris’ blog, Legend Blog.

June 23, 2009

Alumni Visit: 1031 at Ohio Surf And Skate on Go Skateboarding Day

Columbus native Chad Knight beside Greg Harbour and team owner and Cleveland native Kristian Svitak

Columbus native Chad Knight beside Greg Harbour and team owner and Cleveland native Kristian Svitak


June 21st, I continued my travels by going to Willoughby, OH to Ohio Surf and Skate (a skate shop) for a 1031 demo. Ohio Surf and Skate had ramps set up in the parking lot for the occasion. 1031 is a skateboard company that was created by a Cleveland native by the name of Kristian Svitak. He has been a professional skateboarder for around 10 years, I believe, and tours yearly with his company. This specific summer tour is to celebrate team member Ben Raybourn becoming pro for 1031. Ben Raybourn won the bowl contest in the 2007 Texas Skate Jam and is definitely someone to look out for on the come up.


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