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July 4, 2010

Marty Murawski v. Torey Pudwill


May 28, 2010

Battle At The Berrics 3 Predictions

As I did last year, I’m going to let you guys see my picks. If you just want to see the picks the filled out bracket will be at the bottom.

Quadrants 1 & 2 – 1st Round

Chris Cole v. Joey Brezinski = Chris Cole. Unless Joey thinks up some unusual tricks, I think Chris has got this one.

Danny Garcia v. Johnny Layton = Johnny Layton. Based on having a better run last time than Danny.

Gilbert Crockett v. Shane O’neill = Shane O’neill. I figure that in order to flip in and out of tricks like that you have to be pretty consistent.

Greg Lutzka v. Eric Koston = Eric Koston. He invented this and what we know now as the eS Game of Skate.

Benny Fairfax v. Cesar Fernandez = Benny Fairfax. He was runner-up the first time.

Josiah Gatlyn v. PJ Ladd = PJ Ladd. Same reasoning I used for Shane O’neill.

Cory Kennedy v. Jimmy Cao = Cory Kennedy. He never got more than a letter except for when he lost to Paul Rodriguez.

Ryan Gallant  Kelly Hart v. Erik Ellington = Ryan Gallant. Erik did well his time through but I want to see how Ryan fairs.

Quadrants 3 & 4 – 1st Round

Mike Mo Capaldi v. Peter Ramondetta = Mike Mo. He was the first winner.

Brandon Biebel v. Mark Appleyard = Mark Appleyard. He did better his time through.

Marc Johnson v. Rick Howard = Marc Johnson. He did extremely well against the Legion of Doom.

Marty Murawski v. Torey Pudwill = Torey Pudwill. Sorry Marty but Torey has been killing it the past few years and did well his time through.

Paul Rodriguez v. Sean Malto = Paul Rodriguez. Runner-up last time and potentially the most consistent skater there is.

Chico Brenes v. Dennis Busenitz = Dennis Busenitz. Chico didn’t have that great of a run and if I remember correctly Dennis had to play Chris Cole the 2nd round and held up pretty well.

Billy Marks v. David Gonzalez = Billy Marks. This might be news to you, but Billy is really good at skateboarding.

Steve Berra v. Heath Kirchart = Heath Kirchart. Steve didn’t really play during the first run but Heath had a good run through his games.


Quadrants 1 & 2 – 2nd Round

Chris Cole v. Johnny Layton = Chris Cole. Johnny didn’t make it that far and Chris won.

Shane O’neill v. Eric Koston = Eric Koston. I might regret this pick but I’m picking Eric based on experience.

Benny Fairfax v. PJ Ladd = Benny Fairfax. Benny was runner-up the first time and PJ didn’t make it too far.

Cory Kennedy v. Ryan Gallant Kelly Hart = Cory Kennedy. This stands for the same reason as the first round.


Quadrants 3 & 4 – 2nd Round

Mike Mo Capaldi v. Mark Appleyard = Mike Mo. Mark didn’t make it very far.

Marc Johnson v. Torey Pudwill = Torey Pudwill. Marc didn’t make it very far either.

Paul Rodriguez v. Dennis Busenitz Chico Brenes= Paul Rodriguez. Consistency and trick selection.

Billy Marks v. Heath Kirchart = Billy Marks. I think Heath had a better run in comparison but I’m picking Billy because it isn’t a clear cut match.


Quadrants 1 & 2 – 3rd Round

Chris Cole v. Eric Koston = Chris Cole. This is where it gets hard to pick so all of the following are guess work but I’m picking Chris based on the fact that we watched him pretty much beat everyone at their own game last time, this match would make that literal.

Benny Fairfax v. Cory Kennedy = Cory Kennedy. I’m picking Cory based on trick selection.


Quadrants 3 & 4 – 3rd Round

Mike Mo Capaldi v. Torey Pudwill = Mike Mo. Based on him winning the first batb and a cleaner style.

Paul Rodriguez v. Billy Marks = Paul Rodriguez. Based on consistency.


Final Four

Chris Cole v. Cory Kennedy = Chris Cole. At this point I don’t think I have to state my reasonings.

Mike Mo Capaldi v. Paul Rodriguez = Mike Mo.



Chris Cole v. Mike Mo Capaldi = Chris Cole.

Third Place MatchCory Kennedy v. Paul Rodriguez = Paul Rodriguez.

For Battle At The Berrics 2 footage and predictions, click here.

May 19, 2010

Battle At The Berrics 3 Match-Ups

Spoiler Alert, Steve said it’s coming next week. Click more for the rest.

May 1, 2010

Upcoming Events: Make Friends With The Colour Blue Premiere

All the information you would need to know is on this flyer so head down to Columbus on Sunday for a chance to watch Marty Murawski and the rest of the Blueprint boys.

Be sure to click the links above to check out an interview I did with Marty and some footage from the recent Blueprint demo.

DVS Presents: Weekend At Marty’s
‘Make Friends With The Colour Blue’ Trailer [Video]

March 15, 2010

Interview: Marty Murawski

Marty Murawski at the Cowtown Showdown

Marty Murawski seems to be described in the same way by everyone who has ever met him: laidback and funny. I got to meet Marty during the weekend of the Cowtown Showdown and (thanks to Tedd Cookerly) I got the chance interview him. After doing so, I can agree with the aforementioned description. The whole weekend Marty had a smile on his face and could be found making jokes and skating around with the kids. I can’t forget to mention that his laidback style melts over into his skating, which makes for some pretty fluid manual tricks. Now, I’ll spare you the ongoing description and let Marty do the talking for himself…

Click more for the interview.

March 10, 2010

Blueprint Skateboards Demo @ Cowtown Showdown

Cowtown Showdown Day 2 Video
Cowtown Showdown Top 3 Results & Video

Cowtown Showdown Day 1 Video
Cowtown Showdown Day 2
Cowtown Showdown Day 1
Cowtown Pre-Party: Boards, Bikes and Babes
Blueprint Signing @ Old Skool Skateshop

March 8, 2010

Cowtown Showdown Day 2

JPSkates team getting ready to compete

The second day had 4 different competitions in the schedule: Amateur Beginners, Amateur Advanced, Best Trick and Sponsored. I have video of some of the runs so I’ll post the complete competition results with the videos. I started out the day by saying hi to a few people including Greg Patton from JPSkates and found out he checks out the site just about everyday and tells people to visit it. Thanks Greg!
Click more for more.

March 7, 2010

Cowtown Showdown Day 1

Columbus at 9:30 in the morning

After the party I didn’t get to sleep until sometime after three and woke up around 7:30. When I got into the building I had to wait around a little bit while all the waivers and wristbands were being processed and I talked to a few new people and some people who were at the bar last night, recounting the night’s events.

Click more for more.

Cowtown Pre-Party: Boards, Bikes and Babes

Smith grind on the Kickstand Pub mini-ramp

 After the signing at Old Skool we went to the Cowtown Showdown pre-party at Kickstand pub. This is the first and only bar in Columbus to have a mini-ramp in it and I was told they hold weekly skate nights.

Click more for more.

March 6, 2010

Blueprint Signing @ Old Skool Skateshop

Marty Murawski, Fred Gall(Habitat) and Paul Shier

This event literally brought in a crowd of all ages. Adults, teens, and even a toddler. It was pretty low key and the guys hung around afterwards killing time until the party at Kickstand(stay tuned for photos) by eating KFC and small talk and stories from the team. Paul told us about how he was driving through LA the other day and he looked over at a bus stop and saw an old man dressed in all black with the top half of a mannequin on his lap dressed in black with a black wig and the two (man and mannequin) were carrying out a conversation.

Click more for more.

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