Ohio Skate University

May 5, 2013


Full length video from Joseph Charlton featuring a line-up composed entirely of rippers from all over the state. Filmed between 2009-2012. Dedicated to the memory of Eric Brown.
Filmed & Edited by: Joseph Charlton
Featuring: Dan Charlton, Chad Butler, Gabe Peterson, Max Palmer, Ben Perkins, Drake Johnson, Nolan Rogers, Shaun Gregoire, Austin Krohn, Al Krohn, Chris Smallwood, Jeff Trasin, Roger Krebs, Johnny Grogan, Joe Andrews, Al Davis, Gary Collins, Matt Marlatt, Corey Marisavljevich, Enjoi, Franz Lyonsmany more.

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Search For The Gnar

April 7, 2013

Skate Kitchen

Filmed & Edited by: Derek Ironwing
Featuring: Matt Brown, Christopher Finley, Alexander Miklus, Pat English, Sean Michael Dugan, Johnny Grogan, Kokomo Joe, Jesse Braun, Nicholas Camiola & Nate Malinsky

Sexual Healing

May 3, 2011

Johnny Grogan in “Hot Damn”

I saw this dude skate almost 2 years ago at the 1031 demo. Since then, I’ve only seen some clips here and there so it’s good to see a full part. As usual with the “Hot Damn” parts, it doesn’t disappoint. Copies of this video are only $10 and you can e-mail this guy: Dereki222@yahoo.com  to get your hands on a copy.

Chad Butler in “Hot Damn”
Cyril Jackson in “Hot Damn”
Eric Viccarone in “Hot Damn”
Junji’s Honeymoon in Chicago & Cleveland
Chenga 57 Worklights
Dead Beat Throwaway

January 28, 2011

Junji’s Honeymoon in Chicago & Cleveland

Last year Junji from Soundboarding contacted me to let me know he was coming through Ohio and we corresponded over a span of a couple of months. We didn’t get the chance to meet but judging from the videos, he had an excellent time. I want to keep this intro short because there is alot of great content to watch and when you’re done I really suggest that you check out Soundboarding, it is more than worth the time.


January 16, 2011

Chenga 57 Worklights

Brought to you by the guys over at Dude Let’s Go Skate.

In Order Of Appearance:
Danny Gordon, Chad Butler, Phil Hamilton, Brandon Barnes, John Stashick, Eddie Verhovitz, Chris McHugh, Dustin Sterling, Doug Nehrenz, Johnny Grogan and Angelo Calo.

10 Tricks With Eddie Verhovitz
Doug Nehrenz
How To Film Skateboarding
Doug Nehrenz & Kyle Knutson @ Delaware Skatepark
Doug Nehrenz & Kyle Knutson
Avon Outdoor Montage
Cowtown Showdown Top 3 Results & Video
Dead Beat Throwaway

September 21, 2010

Lakewood Lemonade Edit

Lakewood Edit
Lakewood Edit
A.C.L. Montage
Lakewood Park Rats
Footage From Lakewood Skatepark
End of Summer Montages

February 11, 2010

1031 Ohio Surf & Skate Demo 2010 Footage

By the way, today 1031 is going to be at Chenga World in Brookpark so try to make it out if you can. Hours are 4-10.
Don’t forget to visit 1031skates.com to see their photos and video from the tour.


Alumni Visit: 1031 at Ohio Surf And Skate on Go Skateboarding Day

February 5, 2010

Dead Beat Throwaway

In Order Of Appearance:
Dalton Ironwing, Terry Shebestak, Eric Viccarone, Mikey Harkolovich, Joe Kassi, Kyle McCarty, Adam Aziz, Joe Andrews, Marc Scott, Nathan Malinsky, Doug Nehrenz, Derek Ironwing, Johnny Grogan, Cyril Jackson, Brandon Houlehan, Christopher Finley, Chad Butler, Dustin Sterling, Michael Pitroski.

End of 09 Montage
Eric Viccarone

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