Ohio Skate University

May 5, 2013


Full length video from Joseph Charlton featuring a line-up composed entirely of rippers from all over the state. Filmed between 2009-2012. Dedicated to the memory of Eric Brown.
Filmed & Edited by: Joseph Charlton
Featuring: Dan Charlton, Chad Butler, Gabe Peterson, Max Palmer, Ben Perkins, Drake Johnson, Nolan Rogers, Shaun Gregoire, Austin Krohn, Al Krohn, Chris Smallwood, Jeff Trasin, Roger Krebs, Johnny Grogan, Joe Andrews, Al Davis, Gary Collins, Matt Marlatt, Corey Marisavljevich, Enjoi, Franz Lyonsmany more.

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Search For The Gnar

January 16, 2012

Skate Naked’s New Bowl

Featuring: Nick Boso, Jordan Manuel, Drake Johnson, Jeff Trasin, Spencer Manuel and more.

FILMED AND EDITED BY: Jeff Trasin and Kev Kush

Cameron Noren @ Skate Naked

January 6, 2012

How To Have Fun


May 27, 2010

Skate Naked Montage 5

Features Dan Charlton, Joe Charlton, Jeff Trasin, Gage Smith, Nik Kallaher, Aaron Best, Kurt Wiegand, SASQUAD and other nameless people. Filmed and edited by Brent Braden.

Skate Naked Montage 4
Skate Naked Montage 3
Skate Naked Montage 2
Skate Naked Montage
Skate Naked Weekly Video #2
Skated Naked Skatepark Preview
Polished Terdz 5

May 19, 2010

Resident Skateboards Present: “A Walk In The Park”

Resident Skateboards new promo video, A Walk In The Park. Filmed at Skate Naked Skatepark, in Columbus Ohio. Featuring Phil Burton, Joey Penry, Chris Velletta, Jason Hogue, Dan Charlton, Natnaile Mamo, Tedd Cookerly, and Jeff Trasin (of Blueprint Skateboards). Edited by Joe Charlton.

Stay tuned for an upcoming full length video, for more check out Resident’s site. Click more for an Upcoming Event @ Columbus’ Kickstand Pub.

March 12, 2010

Cowtown Showdown Top 3 Results & Video

1st – Steve Bingham
2nd – Oliver Lewis
3rd – Becker Dunn

Click more for more.

March 11, 2010

Cowtown Showdown Day 2 Video

Tomorrow will be video from the top 3 runs from each competition.

Cowtown Showdown Top 3 Results & Video

Blueprint Skateboards Demo @ Cowtown Showdown
Cowtown Showdown Day 1 Video
Cowtown Showdown Day 2
Cowtown Showdown Day 1
Cowtown Pre-Party: Boards, Bikes and Babes
Blueprint Signing @ Old Skool Skateshop

December 2, 2009

On Ya Face

This is from the same people as yesterday’s video.

Gage Smith closes out this video. If you don’t remember him, he placed second at the Columbus stop of the Free Flow tour and also 360 flipped the DC Skateplaza 12 stair.

Relearn Fun

August 6, 2009

Red Bull Manny Mania 2009 – Columbus AM

1st place OJ Hayes
2nd place Cody Cepeda(if he sounds familiar he won the eS Game of Skate in Royal Oak MI.)
3rd place Jeff Trasin

Check out the video above, there are some pretty good tricks in it, I think it was OJ Hayes who went up a manual pad into a blunt stall and pulled it back in to a switch nose manual back down it. Congratulations to the top 3 and thanks to Red Bull for putting on the event out here.

UPDATE: Red Bull Manny Mania Digital Finals – Vote for OJ Hayes click the link.

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