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April 27, 2013

Upcoming Events: Skate-United Tech Area Contest @ Ollie’s

551559_409840822447764_1926342535_n8171 Dixie Highway Florence, Kentucky 41042


October 31, 2010

Absorb #18

Absorb #17
Absorb #16: What Bad Is Gonna Happen
Absorb #15
Absorb #14 Flight Attendant
Have A Good Day Sir/Absorb #13

April 30, 2010

Upcoming Event: Anonymous Cookout/Delhi Video Premiere

Everything you need to know is on the flyer except for Anonymous’ address which is: 5334 Sidney RD, CINCINNATI, OH  GET DIRECTIONS

For more info you can call or e-mail them here:

April 27, 2010

Local News

Cody Heil Bluntslide to fakie

Cody Heil just became the latest flow rider for Instrument Skateboards. If you’re not familiar with his skating click here.

Click more for more news.

April 19, 2010

Polished Terdz 9

Here is what Taylor has been up to for the past few weeks, as he calls it, “Barcelona Style”. Filmed by Alex Davis and a cameo by Marius Syvanen

Taylor has also created a blog with some dope photos from his trip. Click the name to check out epicly tayLer’d.

Polished Terdz 8
Taylor Nawrocki
Polished Terdz 7
Polished Terdz 6
“Whassamatta You” Trailer
Polished Terdz 5
Polished Terdz 4
Polished Terdz 3
Heavy In The Skreets Promo
Polished Terdz 1 & 2
Lazy Sunday 8 And A Late 7
Lazy Sunday 6
Lazy Sunday 5 @ Ollie’s Skatepark
Rampus Champus
Lazy Sunday 4
Lazy Sunday 3
Lazy Sunday
Taylor Nawrocki

November 28, 2009

Local News

From 1031Skates:
“It looks as though Vin Diesel rides one of our DRI decks. Who would have thought.Photo curtesy of Todd Schwartz @ GardenSK8 in Pine Brook , NJ”Now I need to see a video of Vin Diesel doing an ollie.

Click more for more news.

October 2, 2009

Sin Sea Presents: Mike Deye Guest Artist/Skater

Shows a bunch of skating and graphics. You should enjoy this one.
Last graphic shown will be on sale soon..

From Sin Sea:

“Mike Deye has done grahpics for Real, Habitat, Instrument, Effort, Anonymous Skateshop, Thrasher, and others… Its an Honor to have him do a Guest Design For Sin Sea, We treat our guests like family so we gave him a video part”

Check out the Sin Sea site if you’re interested.

August 1, 2009


King of the Road starts today. Click here for Evolution Skate Shop (the people holding the event). The flyer and forms you need are there if you can still sign up.

News: I haven’t been able to find any video or photos from yesterday’s demo/footwear exhibit in Cincinnati so if any of you visiting the site went there feel free to leave a comment letting me know if you took any or know where any videos or photos may be so I can post them up for everyone else.

July 30, 2009

AWS Cincinnati Update:Demo

habitat_fountainsquare_jpegHabitat put this up on their site and this is another reason why, if you get the chance, you should go. Between the exhibit and the demo there is a whole day of stuff to do. Click the link for more about the event at the CAC.
Previously: Upcoming Event: DNA Midwest Footwear Show

July 28, 2009

More Upcoming Events and News


Tomorrow, July 29th, is the Cincinnati stop of the 2009 Vans Warped Tour. If any of you who visit the site make it out to the event feel free to send in pictures from the skate competition to OhioSkateUniv@gmail.com.
For footage of the Cleveland contest and some news click more.

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