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August 7, 2009

Brunswick, Ohio Skatepark Update

I e-mailed the Park Superintendent of Brunswick, Dave Green, to ask for an update on whether or not the park would continue to be closed. Also, I offered to lend advice in order to better the situation instead of getting rid of a skatepark.

Dave replied telling me that the park closed for three weeks and during that time the city made repairs. I found the fact that they made repairs to be impressive, as some cities just put them up and leave them alone. I was also informed that since the closing more parents have been sitting around the park and less kids have been hanging out around the park that aren’t skaters or bmx riders.

There haven’t been any issues since the closing but he said the real test is when school begins again seeing as the park is near the school and rec center. I e-mailed him back offering my advice on ways to keep the positive progress moving forward and I hope that Dave Green continues to keep in contact with me and that the situation only improves.

I’d like to thank Dave for taking the time to hear me out and I would like to thank the city of Brunswick for taking the time to repair the park. It is my hope that the city continues to keep the park open and that they make positive steps towards helping progress skateboarding in their community.

For more information click here: Brunswick Skate Park at Risk of Closing?

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