Ohio Skate University

August 5, 2009

Nick Mullins Day

If you haven’t heard by now, The Berrics put up a couple videos in support of a skater from Ohio by the name of Nick Mullins. To be brief, Nick had a staph infection spread throughout his body and it could potentially be fatal. So far the updates on his health are good.

Click more for the videos that are up on the berrics. They gave Nick an email address at the berrics which is nickmullins@theberrics.com.
If you want more info visit The Berrics for the videos unless I already have them up when you see this or go to this youtube for the filmer’s page that Steve mentions. For now here is the latest update.
We wish you the best Nick and Steve Staffon, spreading the word on behalf of your friend is one of the realest things you could do for him so good lookin man.


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