Ohio Skate University

May 3, 2013


Episode 1 – I don’t know what this has to do with street skateboarding
Filmed & Edited by: Don Hammersley
Featuring: Nick Butler, Devin Schneider, Marc Scott, Matt Marlatt, Tyler Bowman, Cory Trayer & Ian Ondrus


January 16, 2011

Chenga 57 Worklights

Brought to you by the guys over at Dude Let’s Go Skate.

In Order Of Appearance:
Danny Gordon, Chad Butler, Phil Hamilton, Brandon Barnes, John Stashick, Eddie Verhovitz, Chris McHugh, Dustin Sterling, Doug Nehrenz, Johnny Grogan and Angelo Calo.

10 Tricks With Eddie Verhovitz
Doug Nehrenz
How To Film Skateboarding
Doug Nehrenz & Kyle Knutson @ Delaware Skatepark
Doug Nehrenz & Kyle Knutson
Avon Outdoor Montage
Cowtown Showdown Top 3 Results & Video
Dead Beat Throwaway

February 5, 2010

Dead Beat Throwaway

In Order Of Appearance:
Dalton Ironwing, Terry Shebestak, Eric Viccarone, Mikey Harkolovich, Joe Kassi, Kyle McCarty, Adam Aziz, Joe Andrews, Marc Scott, Nathan Malinsky, Doug Nehrenz, Derek Ironwing, Johnny Grogan, Cyril Jackson, Brandon Houlehan, Christopher Finley, Chad Butler, Dustin Sterling, Michael Pitroski.

End of 09 Montage
Eric Viccarone

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