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August 24, 2012

Horrible Definition (Full Video)

Dan Charlton put together this full video filmed with a Verizon Envy 3. It features a grip of people you should recognize and has some of the dopest song choices to accompany the visuals.

May 9, 2012

“Little Village People”

Featuring: Sam Slagle, Danny Jost & Dylan Ortiz.

May 7, 2010

Upcoming Event: Concrete Retreat

You can find the address here.

UPDATE: Contest postponed until next Saturday (May 15th) due to the wind.

Canal Winchester Update 2
Canal Winchester Update
Colerain & Canal Winchester Skatepark Updates
Canal Winchester, Ohio Proposed Skatepark Design

April 2, 2010

Upcoming Event: Rebels and Rogues Presents O-HI-OR DIE Skate Competition

Looks like all the information you need is on the flyer except for the address of the Canal Winchester park, which you can find here.

January 8, 2010

Canal Winchester Update

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From Rebels & Rogues Skateshop Facebook page:

“Help us put a stop to the villages binding chains and Let The Kids Skate Canal Winchester Skate Park. Please email Canal Winchesters Mayor Ebert and tell your friends as well …This is your opportunity to help fellow skaters be able to enjoy our new skate park. We need your help! cstrayer@canalwinchesterohio.gov adutton@canalwinchesterohio.gov mpeoples@canalwinchesterohio.gov bsims@canalwinchesterohio.gov”

The word is that Canal Winchester isn’t going to open the park until all the landscaping and other extra work is finished, which won’t be until the spring. I’m going to send an e-mail to the city and try to see what can be done to make all involved parties happy. I do know that Canal is looking for volunteers to help finish the work so I would encourage any from the area that reads this to get their friends and offer to volunteer. Check back for any further updates.

To see the skatepark click here.


Click here to vote.

December 18, 2009

Canal Winchester, Ohio Skatepark

Opens Dec. 24, 2009. 



This from the Town, sorry but happy Holidays all-

Tom: It will not be open for the holidays. We’ve had snow the last three days and it is too muddy to finish things up to the level that it needs to be at before it is open to the public. We will work on it through the winter as weather allows and will arrange for at least one if not two volunteer days in the early spring to put the finishing touches on landscape, fencing, etc. I talked with some of the kids and the skate shop on Friday and they seem to understand, we will publish something to the web tomorrow.

Tom from Who Skates

ADDRESS :  Hanners Park at 590 Groveport Road.

Colerain & Canal Winchester Skatepark Updates
Canal Winchester, Ohio Proposed Skatepark Design

December 12, 2009

Colerain & Canal Winchester Skatepark Updates

Canal Winchester




Thanks to Tom from WhoSkates for e-mailing me these photos.
If you have any photos or video you would like to share e-mail me at OhioSkateUniv@gmail.com
The address for the park is 10243 Dewhill Drive Colerain Township, OH 45251
The park is located in Clippard Park

Canal Winchester, Ohio Skatepark

Canal Winchester, Ohio Proposed Skatepark Design

October 24, 2009

Canal Winchester, Ohio Proposed Skatepark Design

Looks a little cramped but it still looks like it could be fun. I’d have to skate it to judge it. The left-hand side of the euro confuses me a little cause it looks like is on the joint of the slopes which would not allow for the best maneuverability.
As you can see, the design is by WhoSkates, the people who sent me this e-mail wanted Grindline to design it.
WhoSkates has apparently designed a park for Colerain, Ohio as well.

Shouts to Matt Jamison and Jason Bash for forwarding this to me.

I sent out a message asking when the park was expected to be complete and when it would be ready to ride and got this e-mail from Tom from WhoSkates:
If the weather cooperates we will be done Friday but I’m not sure of when the City plans to allow skating. Concrete cures VERYYYY slowly this time of year so they may want to take a few weeks for this reason.”Friday I will send an e-mail the city’s way and see what they plan to do once the park is completed. Be sure to send me some pictures if the park is completed on schedule: OhioSkateUniv@gmail.com.

Canal Winchester, Ohio Skatepark
Colerain & Canal Winchester Skatepark Updates

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