Ohio Skate University

May 5, 2013


Full length video from Joseph Charlton featuring a line-up composed entirely of rippers from all over the state. Filmed between 2009-2012. Dedicated to the memory of Eric Brown.
Filmed & Edited by: Joseph Charlton
Featuring: Dan Charlton, Chad Butler, Gabe Peterson, Max Palmer, Ben Perkins, Drake Johnson, Nolan Rogers, Shaun Gregoire, Austin Krohn, Al Krohn, Chris Smallwood, Jeff Trasin, Roger Krebs, Johnny Grogan, Joe Andrews, Al Davis, Gary Collins, Matt Marlatt, Corey Marisavljevich, Enjoi, Franz Lyonsmany more.

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Search For The Gnar

January 12, 2012


Featuring: Alex Davis, Mike Newton, Ben Perkins, Ben Tolford, Dave Caddo, Ed Kennedy, Darius Hart, Taylor Nawrocki and Gabe Peterson.

Brought to you by epicly tayLer’d.

Taylor Nawrocki In Italy

May 2, 2011


Colorado 2009
“Whassamatta You” Trailer #2
“Whassamatta You” Trailer

March 25, 2011

Colorado 2009

“This was supposed to be a bonus feature on the ‘Whassamatta You’ DVD
(now available at Embassy Boardshop for the low, low price of $5)”

Filmed by: Joe Charlton
Featuring: Ben Perkins, Stuart Inamura, and Michael Hodges.

“Whassamatta You” Trailer #2
“Whassamatta You” Trailer

February 1, 2011

“Whassamatta You” Trailer #2

Featuring: Kaleb Mericle, Max Palmer, Stuart Inumara and Ben Perkins.

“Whassamatta You” Trailer

October 28, 2010

Search For The Gnar

Austin Krohn sent me this video, I don’t know what his plans are but I think he should turn this into a series of videos.

Features: Joe Charlton, Dan Charlton, Natnaile Mamo, Ben Perkins, Chris Smallwood, Sam Gates, Bobby Corns, Chad Butler, Austin Krohn, Mark Berens, Max Palmer, OJ Hayes & Paul Giovis

March 11, 2010

Cowtown Showdown Day 2 Video

Tomorrow will be video from the top 3 runs from each competition.

Cowtown Showdown Top 3 Results & Video

Blueprint Skateboards Demo @ Cowtown Showdown
Cowtown Showdown Day 1 Video
Cowtown Showdown Day 2
Cowtown Showdown Day 1
Cowtown Pre-Party: Boards, Bikes and Babes
Blueprint Signing @ Old Skool Skateshop

February 24, 2010

Ginger Video – Ben Perkins

“Whassamatta You” Trailer
Ben Perkins

February 17, 2010

Skated Naked Skatepark Preview

For those of you who wish you could skate The Berrics, here is something pretty close. Located in Columbus. Check the directory for more info.

Chris Higgins Birthday Jam
Polished Terdz 5

February 16, 2010

Chris Higgins Birthday Jam

Filmed at the Chop Chop Ramp in Columbus.

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