Ohio Skate University

March 31, 2013

Blue Flowers

Filmed by: Matt Brack & Jesse Braun
Edited by: Matt Brack
Featuring: Luke Bauslaugh, Chris Finley, Joe Kassai, Terry Shebestak, Ben Liberatore & Matt Brown.

Sexual Healing

March 30, 2013

Upcoming Events: The 2013 Cowtown Showdown



Actually the 4th annual.
Contest will be held at Skate Naked Skatepark.
3790 E 5th Ave. Columbus OH 43219

March 29, 2013

Sexual Healing

The song makes this.

Edited by: Matt Brack
Filmed by: Matt Brack, Jesse Braun & Derek Ironwing
Featuring: Ben Liberatore, Mac Sullivan, Joe Kassai, Bruce Jennings, Michael Dolsen, Terry Shebestak, Ryan Bell, Brian Dombrowski, Sean Dugan, Andrew Koszkalda, Cameron Noren & Christopher Finley

Ben Liberatore & Friends @ Skate Naked & Delaware

March 28, 2013

Taylor Nawrocki

Taylor Nawrocki – “Late Night Slice”

March 27, 2013

Cohill Winter With Friends

Another Michael Cohill edit.

Flourescent Lights

March 26, 2013

Skate Naked Winter 2013

Brought to you by: Dan Charlton.

March 25, 2013

2012 Park Throwaway Footage

Filmed & Edited by: Andrew Koszkalda
Featuring: Trevor Zehnder, Dustin Patterson, Jake Zehnder, Dakota Luzader, Mike Wagner, Andrew Koszkalda & Mike Thomsen.

Marks at Wadsworth

March 24, 2013


Filmed & Edited by Chad Butler.
Features a grip of Columbus locals.

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