Ohio Skate University

January 31, 2011

Wedgewood Worklights

From: Dude Let’s Go Skate

Features: Angelo Calo, Chris McHugh, John Stashick, Phil Hamilton, Danny Gordon, Mike Koroczynsky and Eddie Verhovitz

January 30, 2011

Nick Mullins and Mike Kearsey’s Creativity Contest Winners

Spotted @ NMullins.com

Check out the winning videos below.

January 29, 2011

2 Videos From Brent Braden & SASQUAD


January 28, 2011

Junji’s Honeymoon in Chicago & Cleveland

Last year Junji from Soundboarding contacted me to let me know he was coming through Ohio and we corresponded over a span of a couple of months. We didn’t get the chance to meet but judging from the videos, he had an excellent time. I want to keep this intro short because there is alot of great content to watch and when you’re done I really suggest that you check out Soundboarding, it is more than worth the time.


January 26, 2011

[Free Download] Trademark Aaron ft. Puck – “Live It To The Limit”

From Trademark Aaron:

i know you haven’t heard too much from me lately, but i promise you i am hard at work. my new album Prelude To Greatness is 99.9% done and will be to you very soon. in  the meantime here is the newest song from the album, Live It To The Limit feat. Puck. it was produced by Rokamic and Greg Yock. this song is dedicated to all of you who support me and any one who overcomes the odds in life to become something better!!! listen and give me feed back on what you think

January 25, 2011

Local News – 1/25/11

From JPSkate:

“Groms Team” qualify for “King of the Groms” National Skateboard Championship!

All 4 members of the jpskate and Board Shop “Groms Team” have qualified for the “King of the Groms” National Skateboard Champtionship, held at 3rd Lair Skatepark in Golden Valley, Minnesota on February 18-20, 2011.

January 24, 2011

Chenga “Alive” Edit

Features: Tommy Malkus, Mike Thomsen, Jalen Willis, Matt Srnoyachki, Dustin Patterson, Billy Leprevost, Josh Jackson, Jimmy Rego, Mike Wagner, Jake Zehnder, Dylan D’Onofrio, and Justin Collins.

January 23, 2011

Demented Skateshop @ Session’s & Ollie’s

Features: Tyler Mulligan, Tom Wadsworth, Craig Stanley, Michael Ulm, Evan Schmitz, Alex Murphy, Caleb Zimmerer, Jake Benz, Stephen Harmon, Kyle Clemens, Mike Hellmann.

Jake Benz & Mike Hellmann
Demented Skate Team Edit
Demented Skateshop Montage
Demented Skateshop Video Trailer
Jake Benz and Mike Hellmann Throwaway
Mike Hellmann
Jordan Wolfe/Jake Benz/Brady Jenkins

January 22, 2011

Lakewood Edit 2010

Lakewood Lemonade Edit
Lakewood Edit
Lakewood Edit
A.C.L. Montage
Lakewood Park Rats
Footage From Lakewood Skatepark
End of Summer Montages

January 21, 2011

Come Together Edits

Filmed & Edited by Jonathan Konesky (more…)

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