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November 22, 2010

Flashbanger x Ohio Skate University Promotional Giveaway


Flashbanger Shades and Ohio Skate University are teaming up to do a promotional giveaway. Flashbanger Shades are based out of Ontario, Canada and you might remember that Nick Mullins mentioned them in his “Farewell” Update. It just so happens that Nick is the first rider on the Flashbanger team. Head over to their Facebook page ,”LIKE” it and under the “DISCUSSIONS” tab of the page will be a title called “PROMOTION” where you enter the promo code: “OHIOSKATE”. Winners will be selected randomly.

November 20, 2010

Nick Mullins “Farewell” Update

Nick Mullins Trick for Mike Kearsey
Nick Mullins Day Video & Contest Finalists
Nick Mullins Day 2010
Nick Mullins, Woodville, and Contest Update
Nick Mullins Contest Update
What Happened To Woodville Skatepark
Nick Mullins Contest #2
Nick Mullins Forward Flip Trick Tip
Nick Mullins Shirt Give-Away Winner
Nick Mullins Update 5/13/10
A Short Nick Mullins Update
Mark Davenport at Highland Skatepark
An Update From Steve Staffan
Woodville Skatepark Officially Open!
Woodville Skatepark Update #4
A Nick Mullins Update PT. 1 – 3/5/10
Woodville Skatepark Update #3
First Woodville Sesh
Woodville Skatepark Update #2
Woodville Skatepark Update
Nick Mullins on The Watercooler
Nick Mullins 1% Wristbands
Nick Mullins Update on The Berrics 2/1/10
Nick Mullins and Luke Lawrence at Oakland Vert Skatepark
Nick Mullins Update 1/18/10
Nick Mullins 1% Hoodies
Old Footage With Nick PT. 2
First Footage With Nick Mullins
Steve Staffan Needs Your Help
The Season of Giving
Nick Mullins Skating Again
Nick Mullins Answers Your Questions
Nick Mullins Update 12/07/09
Nick Mullins, Steve Staffan and Steve Berra
The Berrics: Nick Mullins Update 11/20/09
A New Nick Mullins Update
Nick Mullins and Steve Staffan
Nick Mullins Interview 2
The Berrics: Nick Mullins Update 10/01/09
Dan Poulin
Nick Mullins Update 15
Nick Mullins Update 14
Nick Mullins Interview
Nick Mullins Update 13
Nick Mullins Update 12
Nick Mullins Update 11
Nick Mullins Day

November 17, 2010

Alex Davis x NYC

Instrument Skateboards Demo In Gallipolis, OH [VIDEO]
Alex Davis & Doug K
Polished Terdz 9
Polished Terdz 7
Alex Davis on Habitat
Local News

November 12, 2010

Justin Collins Park Footy

Justin Collins & Dakota Luzader
Justin Collins
Justin Collins at Chenga
Justin Collins

November 11, 2010

Instrument Skateboards Demo In Gallipolis, OH [VIDEO]

Features Gary Collins, Devin Abner, Jordan West, and Ed Kennedy. Filmed by Alex Davis.

Haskins Skatepark – Gallipolis, OH

November 10, 2010

Dan Charlton @ JFK

Search For The Gnar
Dan Charlton
Skate Naked 3 Block Competition [VIDEO]
Skate Naked Montage 5
Resident Skateboards Present: “A Walk In The Park”
Resident Skateboards Welcome Dan Charlton

November 8, 2010

Music Monday: Kid Cudi – MOTM2

Kid Cudi’s latest album, Man on the Moon 2 – The Legend of Mr. Rager, comes out tomorrow (November 9th). Go pick up BUY the album tomorrow and show some support. Like his freshman release, there is a feature from Cudi’s Cleveland brethren Chip Tha Ripper.

November 5, 2010

Mark Davenport

Mark Davenport at Highland Skatepark

November 1, 2010


Mixed Breeds 3 & Them Clips
Loose Ends
Tasty Thursday 3
Skate Naked Montage 5
Skate Naked Montage 4
Skate Naked Montage 3
Skate Naked Montage 2
Skate Naked Montage
Skate Naked Weekly Video #2
Skated Naked Skatepark Preview
Polished Terdz 5

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