Ohio Skate University

September 13, 2010

Skull Candy Unveils a “Virtual Dressing Room”

The Virtual Dressing Room allows users to try on all 3 styles of the Roc Nation Aviator


Skull Candy recently debuted a “Virtual Dressing Room” that allows consumers to try on the new Roc Nation Aviator headphones from the comfort of their homes. The Virtual Dressing Room is a downloadable plugin that works with a webcam to bring a live feed that shows users wearing the headphones and allows them to see what the Aviators look like on their head from any angle.

Also, users are able to switch styles and colorways while using the dressing room, allowing them to see which version fits their own style best. Since 2003, Skull Candy has been making headphones for and collaborating with the worlds of Snow, Ski, Skate, Surf, Wake, Moto, Bike and Music.

Along with headphones, Skull Candy brings a bevy of mp3/cellphone integrated accessories and apparel to enhance your wardrobe and lifestyle. Skull Candy’s skate roster includes the likes of Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, Lizard King and Theotis Beasley. To see how the Virtual Dressing Room works and to try it yourself visit The Skullcandy Virtual Room for yourself, visit http://www.skullcandy.com/AR.

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    Skull Candy Unveils a “Virtual Dressing Room” | Ohio Skate University

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