Ohio Skate University

June 18, 2010

Heavy in the Skreets Commercial #2

I died when I read the caption for the video:
“No, Cristina. She is not a babe. Chill.”

Heavy in the Skreets Commercial
Polished Terdz 9
Polished Terdz 8
Taylor Nawrocki
Polished Terdz 7
Polished Terdz 6
“Whassamatta You” Trailer
Polished Terdz 5
Polished Terdz 4
Polished Terdz 3
Heavy In The Skreets Promo
Polished Terdz 1 & 2
Lazy Sunday 8 And A Late 7
Lazy Sunday 6
Lazy Sunday 5 @ Ollie’s Skatepark
Rampus Champus
Lazy Sunday 4
Lazy Sunday 3
Lazy Sunday
Taylor Nawrocki

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