Ohio Skate University

May 23, 2010

Journey’s Backyard BBQ Cleveland/Strongsville

Jamie Bestwick, Ryan Sheckler and Mikey Taylor On Deck

Yesterday had a bunch of skateboarding events going on and I was torn between going to the eS Game of Skate in Cleveland and the Journey’s Backyard BBQ. I decided to go with the Journey’s event because I know that Public Square Group was putting on the game of skate and hopefully I can share their coverage of that with you soon. I just found out it got postponed to next weekend, May 29th.

I arrived around 1:3opm and walked in to see the demo had already started so I snapped the above picture and watched the demo, taking pictures and video of the skating, which the only one skating was Ryan Sheckler. Everytime Sheckler missed a trick there would be a gasp from the girls and a handful of “You Suck!” ‘s from guys in the crowd. This was funny to me because they would say those things, yet they continued to stand there watching him skate. To each their own…

Tedd Cookerly Teaching Kids To Skate

After watching the demo for awhile, I decided to walk around and see what else was going on. I spotted Tedd Cookerly, from the Cowtown Showdown, working the “Shred Academy” with Blueprint’s Ronnie Goodnow. I don’t know what this Disney show is but the MC over at this booth was doing trivia and knew more about skateboarding than all the kids did.

Kyle Leeper

As I was walking back to the demo, I saw Kyle Leeper so I stopped him, asked if I could get a picture for my site and introduced myself. Kyle seems like a cool guy, I didn’t get to see him skate and I wasn’t there for the second demo so I don’t know if he ever did but he still has one of my favorite parts in a Transworld video which you can see here.

Mikey Taylor

Mikey Taylor Has A Posse” would have been a fitting title for the day. Mikey spent the day signing things, taking pictures, and talking to kids, all with The Skateboard Mag filming.

Kyle Loza

Ryan Sheckler

At one point, Mikey Taylor has a bunch of girls around him that wanted to get autographs from Sheckler so Mikey took them over to where Ryan was and started calling Sheckler over, when he finally came over Mikey reached out to shake his hand saying “Hi Ryan, I’m Mikey!” which is about when I took this picture. Shortly after this photo was taken, Sheckler was pulled away by his manager before he could sign any of the girls stuff. One of the younger girls said something to Mikey to which he replied “Me too, he sucks!”. Mikey then told the girls that the signing at the etnies booth(which went on for a really long time, pushing the second demo back) was going to start and that they should get in line now. I thought it was cool of Mikey to take those girls over to see Sheckler and they all seemed just as happy as they were before as they went over to the etnies booth It’s probably friendly gestures like this that are the reason why Mikey always has people around him. (Please note, this isn’t hating on Sheckler. He spent the majority of the day sitting down doing autographs and the like for longer than he really had to.)

Metal Mulisha

After the skate demo, the Metal Mulisha came out and did tricks over this 80 foot gap. With the signing going on there was alot of downtime which I spent getting extra photos and hanging out. The second demo got pushed back a couple hours so I decided to leave and as I was leaving the second moto demo was going on.

Or, you can check out flickr to see the same photos on a larger scale.

Check back between now and tomorrow for video from the day.
UPDATE: Journey’s Backyard BBQ Cleveland/Strongsville (VIDEO)

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