Ohio Skate University

May 15, 2010

Skate Dailies 05/09/10

“In this edition: Eleven-year-old Tre Ivey blows minds and sets stuff on fire, Ty and Mex battle it out for bragging rights, and John Doss continues to land everything first try. A plethora of ridiculous skateboarding maneuvers, filmed on a single day (with the exception of the world’s fastest boardslide, filmed some time last month – but who’s keeping track?) Plus Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Girlfights!!!”

Jason Lucas put me on to this new series he is working on called “Skate Dailies” based out of Chillicothe, OH. Skate Dailies is not actually a daily video series at this point but I would imagine that would be hard to do with our Ohio weather. Watch this one and check out the rest here. It seems as though Jordan Wolfe is in this video too, you can see more of his skating here.


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