Ohio Skate University

April 27, 2010

Local News

Cody Heil Bluntslide to fakie

Cody Heil just became the latest flow rider for Instrument Skateboards. If you’re not familiar with his skating click here.

Click more for more news.

Matt Jamison just put me onto an update regarding the Coshocton Skatepark. Looks like the city succeeded in swapping land with the local school in order to utilize the land the school had for the site of the skatepark. Congratulations guys!

There is a meeting tomorrow night from 7pm-9pm regarding a new skatepark in the flats of Cleveland, information can be found here. Please take as many people with you as you can and show support for this project!

Lastly, Mike Newton just posted some photos and video from the results of a “Win a Trip to Habitat” contest that was put on a few months back. Below is the video featuring Stefan Janoski, Silas Baxter-Neal, Guru Khalsa, Alex Davis and Habitat International Rider Gunes Ozdogen. Click here for the photos



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