Ohio Skate University

April 23, 2010

Upcoming Event: “88 Acres of Anarchy” Showing @ Athens Film Festival

Athens International Film and Video Festival – Opening Night
Friday, April 23  9:15pm @ Athena Theater in Athens, Ohio
(tickets avail at box office)


 Join Skatopia owner Brewce Martin, many Skatopians and the Filmmakers
for the local premiere and after party!
People are saying…

An inspiring story of building an empire with your own rules.
   – Denver Examiner
Completely even-handed, the film is… something that really needs to seen to be believed.
        – Highsnobiety.com
The film left a mark on me like a tattoo.
        – TJ Brearton, Lake Placid Film Festival Programmer
Skatopia gives visitors… a taste of the absolute freedom they think they want.
        – Rolling Stone
It’s what you learn how to skate for… its living.
                – Dustin Dollin, Pro-skateboarder
The Story
A feature documentary that goes inside one of skateboarding’s most mythic places…Skatopia… a rural Appalachian skate scene so extreme that MTV’s bad-boy Bam Margera fled the property on his first visit.  A volunteer army of skaters and hillbillies have built this “sovereign nation” where they live free from society’s rules.
The movie follows Skatopia’s owner and self-declared dictator of anarchy, Brewce Martin, through an obstacle strewn year as his radical twist on the American dream is challenged by bill collectors, a rag-tag labor force and a stint in the regional jail.
A fun, frightening and inspiring look at one man’s fierce pursuit of his dreams.
MOVIE WEBSITE:  http://www.skatopiathemovie.com/
TRAILER:                http://www.skatopiathemovie.com/html/videowindows/thebeachqt.html
SKATOPIA:               http://www.skatopia.org/
ATHENS FILM FEST:       http://www.athensfest.org/
PRESS KIT:              http://www.skatopiathemovie.com/html/press.html


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