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February 18, 2010

Local News

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In other news:

Skatopia’s owner Brewce Martin is going to be on Fuel TV’s The Daily Habit Thursday Feb 18th & 19th.
Thursday Feb 18th at 9:00pm ET (6:00pm PT) and 12:00am ET (9:00pm PT)
Friday Feb 19th at 2:30pm ET (11:30am PT) and 5:30pm ET (2:30pm PT) 

Tedd Cookerly sent me this video, giving you a walkthrough of where the Cowtown Showdown will be held.

Brian Nixon (committee chairman of the Troy Skateplaza) sent me an article he wrote discussing why skateboarding doesn’t receive the same community support that other sports do. Continue reading for the article.

                          Athlete or Vandal
Article by:  Brian Nixon
Committee Chairman Troy Skate Plaza
It is time that we take a hard look at skateboarding.  For most young adults it is a sport, to most adults they are a nuisance.  I watch things that go on around our city and how we build things to accommodate a sport to most adults they are a nuisance  the nurturing of our youth.  We build tennis courts in the hopes that one day our child will be the next John McEnroe or Venus Williams.  We carve out baseball diamonds searching for the next Babe Ruth or Johnny Bench.  Skateboarding is no different it is a sport that has exploded over the last few years.  We as parents think of no expense spared to fulfilling our children’s dreams of being a professional athlete, but at the same time, most look down upon skateboarding as youth destroying property or youth running wild.  Let us look at some of the thoughts and ideas of what it takes to be a skateboarder.  They do not have a place to practice their sport all they have is the street and whatever they can find to jump or slide in their terms (gap or grind).   It is sad when an athlete can be charged for trespassing for practicing their sport, but we spare no expense to ensure that the tennis courts have a smooth surface and a net, or that the ball diamond is perfectly manicured. 
They have mentors as well, Tony Hawk, Ryan Sheckler, and Rob Dyrdek to name just a few. Skateboarding has boomed into a multi billon dollar industry much in part to these men.  Rob Dyrdek is from Kettering, he helped the city in designing the first of many Skate Plaza’s around the country.  For most of the skaters, here in Troy The DC Shoes Skate Plaza in Kettering, has become the go to spot for skating.  The Troy Skate Plaza Committee is working to design and build a skate plaza right here in Troy.  The efforts are two-fold give the youth a place of their own.  Where they can practice there sport in a safe family environment, and to help keep, and possibly generate revenue for the city.
 I am sure that most of us have sat back and watched the X Games on ESPN.  Here is a little fact that most may not have known.  When the city of Philadelphia hosted the X Games, it generated 4 million dollars in revenue; it is also the only city that can boast they did it twice-in back-to-back years. Troy cannot compete with a city like Philadelphia, but there are other events that we maybe able to host in the future, if, we are willing to accept skateboarding as a sport and not youth misspent. 
Some of the athleticism that goes into being a skateboarder is that it builds balance, coordination, and confidence.  Therefore, the next time you see someone on a skateboard do not snub your nose at him or her help them by giving them a safe place to practice their sport. 
A committee has put the ball in motion with the efforts of the city to enhance and build a place for these future athletes.  If you would like to help donate, you can go to Chase Bank of Troy and make a donation on behalf of the Troy Skate Plaza or you can visit the website at www.troyskateplaza.com.  If you have, any questions feel free to contact the committee at 937.339.7556.  The committee is in the process of securing there 501c3 to become a tax-exempt non-profit organization.  Remember a skateboarder today a leader tomorrow building for the future of all. 

Troy Skate Plaza Committee

Chris and Scott Pfaff
Chris “Drama” Pfaff
Scott “Big Cat” Pfaff
Local Festivities



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