Ohio Skate University

October 26, 2009

Theft Report

Somebody decided to steal a board from the Museum at Skatopia. Please read the following statement from Skatopia:

“MISSING: Vintage Sims Banana SnowBoard. If you have any info on this stolen property of Skatopia please call 740-742-3169 & tell Brewce. This board was stolen from Skatopia & it means alot to Brewce. He doesn’t appreciate people stealing anything from his collection or anything else for that matter. This board was stolen during the time Brewce was injured & in the hospital. So during Bowlbash this summer is when it was taken. Return it or let us know any inforamtion if any if you have a lead on this. Thank you….”

It’s pretty messed up that anyone would steal from a place or person, both of which are monumental to skateboarding, for any given reason. Like it says above, let them know if you know anything about it. Also, Skatopia could always use donations so click here to donate. If you have a board you would like to donate to the Museum just use the contact info above to work that out.

For more on Skatopia click more.

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