Ohio Skate University

September 23, 2009

Marietta, Ohio Skatepark


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Construction has started back up over in Marietta after a month delay.

From The Marietta Times:

“After a month’s delay, work has finally resumed on Marietta’s new skate park project at Indian Acres Park.

“The work is moving along very well now, Grindline is doing a great job, and we’re excited about getting this project completed,” said Wayne Rinehart, project manager with the city engineer’s office.

A crew from Grindline Skateparks Inc. of Seattle, Wash., arrived a week ago, and, working together with city crews and local volunteers, have already carved the mound of fill dirt into the semblance of a “flow bowl” surrounded by a tubular steel coping or “grind rail.”

The bowl will be lined with gravel, then finished with concrete that will provide local skateboarders with a smooth surface and rail on which to ply their skills.

A “pool,” essentially a second bowl-shaped area designed into the skatepark, may have to wait until after the rest of the project is completed to be sure there’s enough funding, according to Rinehart.

“The flow bowl is being built now, but the pool won’t be done at this time as we’re trying to get the bowl and walkway completed first,” he said, adding that there will also be a walkway from the skatepark to the parking lot that can be used by the skateboarders.

“We’ll add the pool later, depending on how our funding and costs go,” Rinehart said.

No final completion date has been set for the project, but he expects skateboarders will be able to start using the facility later this fall.

“The city has been very helpful on this project,” said Brian Moore with Grindline. “Once we get started the work can move pretty quickly when we get that kind of support.

“And we understand this project is a little different, so we’re trying to help keep the construction costs down,” he said.

Rinehart said the skate park is being funded by more than $119,000 in grants and monies raised by the local Skaters United group.

“This is a specialized effort, and the idea is to maximize our grants and other funds to make this project happen, so it’s kind of a hybrid mix with city and Grindline workers,” said Marietta Mayor Michael Mullen.

“But at the end of the day we’ll have a first-class park for a low amount of funding,” he said. “And we’re doing this without tapping into the city’s general fund.”

Mullen acknowledged that the driving force behind the project for the last six years has been the Skaters United group.

“It came through these young people who said they wanted a quality skate park in this community, and that grew into a strong, organized effort that will bring an exciting project to the Indian Acres area,” he said. “And we’ll hopefully be cutting the ribbon within the next couple of months.”

Grindline was contracted to complete the skate park as originally designed by Suburban Rails Ltd. of Cincinnati after that company’s construction manager walked off the job in July, leaving Suburban Rails unable to finish the project.”


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