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September 11, 2009

15 Year Old Skater Arrested in Wilmington, Ohio

Click more to read about it. I’m awaiting an e-mail to find out exactly when this happened.

“An arrest Tuesday of a 15 year-old for allegedly skateboarding downtown has local skateboarders and others upset, but the Wilmington police chief said it’s a safety hazard to have skateboard riding on the sidewalk in the business district.

 The boy who was stopped for allegedly skateboarding on a downtown sidewalk , which in Wilmington is a minor misdemeanor, ended up also being charged with resisting arrest and failing to comply with a lawful order of police officer.

 The youth’s skateboard was seized, Wilmington Police Chief Michael Hatten said.

 Hatten alleged the boy physically struggled with the arresting officer and also alleged some other people interfered at the scene.

 Jen Stewart said she was there and believes the boy pulled away from the officer because the officer reached for the boy’s arm, which had an air cast on it. The boy recently injured himself in a fall at a Middletown skatepark. Stewart said.

 At one point , an officer “slammed” the boy against a police cruiser, alleged Stewart.

 Wilmington Director of Public Safety Nick Babb said Wednesday there have been complaints regarding downtown skateboarding and there have been “near misses.”

 “I know they don’t like the law but we are a country of laws, not individuals,” Babb said.

 The safety director said city police “can’t turn a blind eye” to the alleged activity of youths riding skateboards on downtown sidewalks.

 “We can’t pick or choose what ordinances we enforce,” Babb said.

 Several friends of the arrested boy said police are inconsistent in how they enforce the law in question because the city ordinance prohibits the operation of skateboards and bicycles on downtown sidewalks, but, they allege, police are less likely to cite a bicyclist.

 Stewart said skateboarders feel like they’re being profiled and singled out.

 Babb said it is “certainly not the policy” of the Wilmington Police Department to treat bicycling and skateboarding differently.

 “I might add I am very supportive of the effort to build a local skateboard park. Skateboarding is a great activity —-so is driving a car but you still have to follow the law,” Babb said.

 The safety director said he has offered an opportunity to skateboard enthusiasts to discuss with members of the city council’s streets committee ways the law could be improved. The offer is still open, Babb said.

 “They could come in with some ideas and if council changes the ordinance, we (police department) certainly would follow,” Babb said.

 Hatten advised skateboard riders to carry their skateboards when they travel across the downtown business district.

 Skateboarding is allowed on residential sidewalks, the police chief said. But it’s not legal on downtown sidewalks or on any city street, Hatten said.”

 The above article spotted at CCSA where they also made the following statement:

“Skateboarder arrested in front of a skate shop!? The Wilmington Police department have been treating our youth like criminals. Treating our teens like criminals before they even have a chance, why? Common sense is needed for some of the decisions the department has made. Warnings must be made if no signs are posted.

Where are the signs?

Lets stimulate the local economy and create a crime called SKATEBOARDING for our local police department. or Maybe spend wisely and get NO Skateboarding signs made!

Either way they are kids, NOT criminals!”

 You may remember Wilmington from Projects: Wilmington, Ohio Skatepark

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Freedom of Speech Protest in Wilmington, Ohio
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  2. You guys really need to get your facts straight!!!!! I mean does it really make sense when you have some arrogent 15 year old putting on a show.

    Comment by Kaitlin hale — September 22, 2009 @ 4:42 PM | Reply

    • get your facts straight girl….sounds like a “crush” to me

      Comment by sasha williams — September 26, 2009 @ 4:16 AM | Reply

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  4. wow who isn’t going to resist arrest when some creep ass cop starts assaulting them

    Comment by hott carl — January 22, 2010 @ 1:44 AM | Reply

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  7. Well I remember when I was young being busted at a party for underage drinking almost 30 kids involved 28 kids were given underage consumption, the other 2 were my girlfriend at the time an her older sister. I get my ticket go to leave an some short little prick cop was standing outside talking to my girlfriend an her sister flirting with her older sister an guess what they didn’t get anything at all no ticket no nothing… wilmington police are jokes an think they are above everyone else.

    Comment by username — December 3, 2011 @ 8:55 AM | Reply

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