Ohio Skate University

September 1, 2009

Local News and Upcoming Events

Click more for more info and more local news.

The flyer gives you all the info on the when, where, and how but here is the what:

“Is set for September 4th. Riders from all over will step up and throw down in the Flows immense rhythm section. Pick your lines on 4 different size boxes, 3 different size step-ups and 2 vert walls. Show your flow in the air in – air out berm, hit the spine, spine box, and some rollers and prepare to have your mind blown! Regular entry fee gets you in the door and registered for the Jam. Doors open at 4pm, comp starts at 7pm. After the jam hang out and ride til 11pm! (Rest of the park still open to all during the event)
Supported by: S&M Bike Co, Verde, DK Bicycles, and more…
Click here

for road trip info. Check back right here for event updates or call the Flow at 614.864.1610.”

Check RidetheFlow.com for more.


Builder’s Season: Sept. 6th – 13thSkatopia is hosting the first Annual builders day. Made up just like Hallmark made up Valentine’s day. We are also celebrating Brandon Martin’s Birthday. It’s a Celebration of skate terrain builders with Skaterock bands playing & we are claiming Pig Roast.

Builder’s Day: Sept. 12th


More concrete will make Brewce feel better than anything so this is a Benefit for Brewce! Brewce’s buddies, the best builders in the known Universe will be visiting from around the country. If your a skater then come on out and be a part of this, get involved. This is just like a work party except with the best of the best in skatepark building. This is for skateboarders that want to pitch in & help do concrete work only.

Wanted: Hot Chicks for the Pink Palace.

Brewce UPDATE 8/13/09

Brewce is out of re-hab & back at home at Skatopia. He’s been driving up & down the hill getting work done. Come visit & get a new nickname. Battle Bot Brewce is unstoppable.


Visit Skatopia.org for more info on Brewce and the events.

Now the last piece of information, the results from Evolution Skateshop’s (not the skatepark) KOTR 09 contest.

From Evolution’s Site :

1st Place – 14,330 points

Stanley Yelnats

Andrew Smith

Christian Morgan

Nate Druss

Neal Stanley

Derek Rachter


2nd Place – 9,680 points

Kenmore Steeeeez

Kenny Lambert

Charles Simmons

Joey Wingate

Derek Ellison

James Lemmon


3rd Place – 8,140 points

Far From Famous

Ray Anderson

Tyler Baus

Dylen Smith

Rob Cunningham

Dylan Meyers


4th Place – 3,360 points

The Shop Rats

Cody Winning

Jerid Smith

Preston Stewart

Nick Miller

Joe Carter


Thanks again for participating. I hope to see you again for King of the Road 2010!!!!



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