Ohio Skate University

August 28, 2009

2nd Chance Battle at the Berrics 2 Brackets

Click more to see my new picks and it may help you decide on yours.

Left-Hand Bracket Round 2

Chris Cole v. Dennis Busenitz = Chris Cole. I don’t think much explanation is needed for that pick, Dennis is good and could take it but Chris Cole is no stranger to competing against the people who have made it this far in the brackets.

 Heath Kirchart v. Rick Howard = Heath Kirchart. Heath kept it clean and got two less letters than Rick.

David Gonzales v. Torey Pudwill = Torey Pudwill. They were both pretty clean and only had a letter difference between them, Torey has been killing it lately so I’m going with him.

Josiah Gatlyn v. Cesar Fernandez = Josiah Gatlyn. Double flips and two less letters than Cesar.

Right-Hand Bracket Round 2Cory Kennedy v. Greg Lutzka = Greg Lutzka. The only reason Greg took any letters is because he missed a do-over. That frontside 360 kickflip is probably not in most of the competition’s trick bag.


 Peter Ramondetta v. Mark Appleyard = Peter Ramondetta. If I remember right, Peter played alot of defense and came out with only one letter and kept it pretty solid. Mark has the ability to kill it but I’m going to go with Ramondetta this time.

Paul Rodriguez v. Gilbert Crockett = Paul Rodriguez. Paul never had to switch turns.

Danny Garcia v. Jerry Hsu = Jerry Hsu. Canceled, Danny Advances. Jerry didn’t get a letter, put wasn’t really put in alot of pressure but plenty of kids on the internet think Jerry Hsu is going to take the whole competition. Maybe I need to watch Bag of Suck. This is all guess work.

Left-Hand Bracket Round 3Chris Cole v. Heath Kirchart = Chris Cole. Sorry Heath.


  Torey Pudwill v. Josiah Gatlyn = Torey Pudwill. This is at the point where it is impossible to make an educated guess, it can only be dumb luck.

Right-Hand Bracket Round 3

Greg Lutzka Cory Kennedy v. Peter Ramondetta = Greg Lutzka.Corey Kennedy.

Paul Rodriguez v. Jerry Hsu Danny Garcia = Paul Rodriguez. Sorry Jerry fans.

Final 4

Chris Cole v. Torey Pudwill = Chris Cole.

Greg Lutzka v. Paul Rodriguez = Paul Rodriguez.


Chris Cole v. Paul Rodriguez. = Chris Cole. If he can hold up against Mike V’s set of tricks then I’m sure he can handle Paul’s. I’m not saying Chris is invincible though, Paul is usually top 3 in competitions if not first.


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