Ohio Skate University

August 19, 2009

Warren, Ohio Skatepark

This video troubles me a little, all of the homeowners say they want a park for the kids but have a pretty stern look when it comes to the question of location. It is also troubling that skateboarding is associated with crime just about every time a skatepark is up for discussion. It looks to me as though the park could be built far away enough to where any noise made would be minimal. Make park rules and enforce them, simple enough.

For more on the park and my thoughts click more.

Those of you thinking of creating a park or are concerned about where a park is built, keep in mind that you need to keep a positive attitude towards the other side of your issue. People catch feelings very easily over small issues such as this and if you come in with a bad attitude when it is time to discuss the issue it just puts a chip on the shoulder of those with an opposing view.

If you don’t want crime or trouble in your neighborhood, be friendly. Most kids will respond to friendliness with friendliness and a bad apple is a bad apple it doesn’t matter what kind of facility you put there.

Teenskate put up an article about the park and it turns out that they are going to put the park in a downtown park area that apparently has flooding issues. In the video, it is said that the kids skate downtown now and that isn’t wanted, this would just allow an outlet for a trip to skate the park and downtown without any wasted gas. You can’t stop street skating completely but, in my opinion, this is just going to keep the rate pretty steady. If it is true that the prospected area has a track record of flooding this is going to add up to additional repair costs, weigh the outcomes of each possible location.

Remember, this park is for the kids, yes the citizens should have say, but the area should be chosen by which place is more beneficial to the kids and best for the city. Approach the situation with a sense of community.

For the article from teenskate click here.
For previous advocating I have done click here.



  1. I thought I would share a little mor information about this. The park is now open. for those who are interested in more depth you can:

    View pictures of the Warren, ohio skatepark here: http://www.teenskate.com/teenskate/photo/new-warren-ohio-skatepark/

    A review of the park can be viewed here: http://www.teenskate.com/blog/new-warren-ohio-skatepark-now-open/

    and a video of the park can be viewed here: http://www.teenskate.com/Mike/video/warren-skatepark-tralier/

    Comment by teenskate — January 5, 2010 @ 8:42 PM | Reply

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