Ohio Skate University

August 17, 2009

Upcoming Events: RideNSS Tour

The RideNSS tour is going to have four stops in and around Ohio, click more for details.

Aug. 22nd – Florence, KY(right across the river) at Ollie’s Skatepark from 12-3 – SkateOllies.com

Aug. 23rd – Columbus, OH at Flow Skatepark from 12-6 – RideTheFlow.com

Update: RideNSS @ Ollie’s and The Flow Update

Aug. 24th – Brookpark, OH at Chenga 2 from 4-10 – Chenga.cc

Aug. 25th – Lorain, OH at Chenga 57 from 4-10 – Chenga.cc

Note: I believe Chenga is having free skate days at each park on the days of the tour along with free giveaways so it is going to be a full event day at each Chenga stop of the tour.

I was also under the impression that Kristian Svitak, Chad Knight, and Dan Nepscha from 1031 skated for NSS but the tour site has nothing about them on it. The main site still does. Who knows maybe the tour is for the new guys they have listed on the tour site.

For more info visit RideNSS.com


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