Ohio Skate University

July 21, 2009


  1. […] he mentioned some areas in Ohio I should check out such as Athens which brought up the subject of Brewce Martin’s injury(Get better!). We also talked about other skate parks such as Evolution, Big Happy’s (dead […]

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  2. […] Skatopia news, the Mystery Event is tomorrow so if you get the chance head out there and support Skatopia and make sure you donate. […]

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  3. […] Event and Local News  More Upcoming Events and News  1031 Demo Update & Local News Local News Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)News you can dance toShould Local Advertisers […]

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  4. […] Brewce shows off some of Skatopia’s board collection and gives some historical insight to some of the items housed in the museum. Also, Brewce mentions the incident with an exploding tire. […]

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