Ohio Skate University

June 27, 2009

Chris Cole v. Mike V

Pre-game interview

Continue reading the post for the battle

Predictions Correct from OhioSkateUniv = 1/1
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  1. […] Chris Cole v. Mike V Jamie Thomas v. Dennis Busenitz Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Chris Cole v. Mike […]

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  2. […] Chris Cole v. Mike V = Chris Cole. I’m picking Chris Cole for the fact that he won the 07 eS game of skate (the previous battle winner, mike mo, didn’t fair well)¬†and the fact that Mike V won’t have use of his hands. […]

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  3. […] and who the next two matches are but, Mike V got a lot of hate on youtube for his match against Chris Cole. I’m just posting it because it’s good. This video is evidence that once again Mike V […]

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