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June 26, 2009

Battle at The Berrics 2 Predictions

BATB2 Bracket

BATB2 Bracket

I’m going to explain my picks for the battle at the berrics for each game of skate.

Left Hand Bracket 1st Round

Chris Cole v. Mike V = Chris Cole. I’m picking Chris Cole for the fact that he won the 07 eS game of skate (the previous battle winner, mike mo, didn’t fair well) and the fact that Mike V won’t have use of his hands.

Jamie Thomas v. Dennis Busenitz = Jamie Thomas. In the 1st battle at the berrics he was apart of Chris Robert’s legion of doom. During one of the tricks, he is told to do it and that he can and Jamie replies “I’ve done two in my life”, and then makes it. He also is nicknamed “The Chief”, you don’t come by a title like that easily.

Lizard King v. Heath Kirchart = Heath Kirchart. Lizard doesn’t seem like the type to care too much for competition and Heath has been killin it for a minute. He also rides for Alien Workshop which just so happens to be in Dayton. I’m just saying…

Corey Duffel v. Rick Howard = Corey Duffel. I’m picking Corey to win this because he has been getting a fair share of coverage over the past couple of years and has a spot in the next transworld video and seems to be working towards a great part. I haven’t seen it yet, the link says it premiered this past weekend.

Chris Haslam v. Nick Dompierre David Gonzalez= Chris Haslam. Nick has also been getting good coverage but Cheese and Crackers is still in the back of my mind…

Torey Pudwill v. Jimmy Carlin = Jimmy Carlin. He might not be too familiar of a name but has Blackbox ever thrown us a dud?

Josiah Gatlyn v. Cairo Foster = Josiah Gatlyn. He’s got a cosign from the berrics, plus I don’t think he is pro yet so that might give him a little extra hunger.

Guy Mariano v. Cesar Fernandez = Guy Mariano. This was a tough one to pick but I will have to give it to Guy because he has been around for a minute and his part in Fully Flared was one of my favorites. Cesar might get him though.

Right Hand Bracket 1st Round

Cory Kennedy v. Josh Kalis = Cory Kennedy. He is another with the berrics cosign and is coming up. Josh Kalis shouldn’t be slept on though.

Lucas Puig v. Greg Lutzka = Greg Lutzka. The guy is a competition veteran. Plus, he won’t have to be distracted by Reda insulting his homeland.

Stefan Janoski v. Peter Ramondetta = Stefan Janoski. He skates switch better than most people skate in their dreams. I’m sure he will also be comfortable in his new pro shoe.

Mark Appleyard v. Ben Gore = Mark Appleyard. All of the coverage I have seen from Mark lately is a variety of tricks I have a limited comprehension of. Ben Gore is sponsored by Stereo, who is sponsoring the event, he might have a little more to live up to.

Paul Rodriguez v. Kelly Hart = Kelly Hart. Former eS skater P-Rod against present eS skater Kelly Hart… Paul is a vet but Kelly Hart has a mean set of tricks, don’t count him out.

Gilbert Crockett v. Kerry Getz = Kerry Getz. Gilbert is an up and comer from Blackbox but Kerry Getz has been holding it down for years over at Habitat (sibling company of AWS). And, his video parts aren’t too shabby.

Nick Trapasso v. Silas Baxter-Neal Danny Garcia = Silas. Coming seemingly out of nowhere and picking up Habitat and eS as sponsors, Silas is looking like a competitor. He also won Thrasher’s SOTY in 08. Nick isn’t a lame duck though, it will definitely be a good game.

Jerry Hsu v. Raymond Molinar Kenny Anderson= Raymond Molinar. His part in inhabitants was pretty strong.

Left Hand Bracket 2nd Round

Chris Cole v. Jamie Thomas = Chris Cole. This was a tough one to pick, Chris Cole is a game of skate champion and Jamie is a self-made mogul and still puts out video parts that make you jealous. Jamie did fine craft Chris Cole, so he may become Dr. Frankenstein and wish he never did.

Heath Kirchart v. Corey Duffel = Corey Duffel. This was another tough one, I’m picking Corey because he should be in good skating shape from all the filming for transworld. Heath is still a beast so don’t take him lightly

Chris Haslam v. Jimmy Carlin = Chris Haslam. Watch…

Josiah Gatlyn v. Guy Mariano = Guy Mariano. I originally has Josiah as the winner but I feel like Guy could pull a few tricks out of his sleeve that can leave this new guys in the dust. I could be wrong.

Right Hand Bracket 2nd Round

Cory Kennedy v. Greg Lutzka = Greg Lutzka. Have you watched this guy compete on tv?

Stefan Janoski v. Mark Appleyard = Mark Appleyard. This is the one that has taken me the longest to decide so far. Stefan can move both ways effortlessly and Mark can lay down bangers with ease. It’s a tough call but only the real game can decide.

Kelly Hart v. Kerry Getz = Kelly Hart. I have seen video of him putting down double flips as easy as I’ve seen Getz do them.

Silas Baxter-Neal v. Raymond Molinar = Silas. He was named SOTY…

Left Hand Bracket 3rd Round

Chris Cole v. Corey Duffel = Chris Cole. This is another tough one, and despite their tight pants and rocker flair, they skate better than you or I. Chris Cole has the bs 360 kickflip down pat though and that 360 doubleflip at the X games….

Chris Haslam v. Guy Mariano = Chris Haslam. Guy is a force of nature but Chris has spent way too much time with Rodney and Daewon. Sorry Guy! Find a legion of doom that includes Rodney and Daewon.

Right Hand Bracket 3rd Round

Greg Lutzka v. Mark Appleyard = Mark Appleyard. I was going to put Greg but I think Mark can hold his own with Greg.

Kelly Hart v. Silas Baxter-Neal = Kelly Hart. Two eS teammates put against each other. Kelly Hart is looking like a strong competitor from what I have seen.

Final Four

Chris Cole v. Chris Haslam = Chris Cole. The guy has won plenty of competitions against heavy contenders, this is no different. Who could really predict anyways?

Mark Appleyard v. Kelly Hart = Kelly Hart. Everyone likes an underdog story right? Speaking of underdog, didn’t Jason Lee do the voice for the movie?


Chris Cole v. Kelly Hart = Chris Cole. I’m not entirely sure on this one but Chris has the reputation and ability to back him.

Third place match – Mark Appleyard v. Chris Haslam = Chris Haslam. He’s good, alright?


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